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First Inn Rainbows

Rainbow Pagosa Springs Colorado - First Inn

Rainbows are a common occurrence at the First Inn in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have incredible displays that arc across the mountain tops after showers. The ever-changing mountain weather is always giving us a new view to enjoy. Double rainbows are often seen and evening-time rainbows are known to color the night sky. Here are a couple of photos of rainbows over the First Inn!

Rainbow Pagosa Springs Colorado - First Inn

Animal Friends at the First Inn

Our backyard at the First Inn is full wildlife and guests are always admiring the variety of animals that also call Pagosa Springs home. We see beaver, fish, ducks, heron, geese, coyote and even bear. Close encounters with our deer neighbors is a common occurrence and their friendly presence is so fun to be around. They enjoy walking on the rocks above the river and often they come down to say hello. See our short video of one of the many animal friends that visits us at the First Inn!

Saving a Child’s Life With Cannabinoid Oil

Have you heard about parents using Cannibinoid Oil. It penetrates the brain barrier and eliminates the tumor of a young boy. Watch the video and get an inside look on the miraculous cure. We’ve noticed many parents are moving to Colorado so that they can treat their families with the power of choice. Find out more information regarding 420 in Colorado here.