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Hiking: Close to every campground, there are over 30 trailheads just waiting to be hiked throughout the San Juan National Forest. Some of these trails are Poison Park Trailhead, Weminuche Trail, Cimarrona Creek Trailhead, Williams Creek Trailhead, and Middle Fork Trail. Just remember to use a U.S. National Forest Service Map whenever possible.

Rafting/Tubing/Kayaking: The San Juan River Project was recently completed that added rapids to the river. This improved the quality of rafting and kayaking along this portion of the San Juan River. With the mountain run-offs each spring, the San Juan River is always full and exciting. Tubing down the river is a wonderful way to enjoy Pagosa Springs as well.

Mountain Biking: There are also many scenic trails to bike along that vary in difficulty. East Fork is a beginner trail. Willow Draw is geared toward expert level bikers. And Piedra Falls is more for intermediates. But no matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy a beautiful mountainous region that only has clean air.

Off-roading/4x4 Trails: There are roads and trails specific to motorized vehicles all over the place. Some of the more popular trails include Devil Mountain Trial, East Fork/Elwood pass 4x4 Trail, and Blue Creek 4x4 Trail. Just take your pick and enjoy the ride.

Golfing: Pagosa Springs Championship Golf Course provides three different 9-hole courses. The Pinon Nine and Ponderosa Nine have beautiful trees lining the fairways and the Meadows Nine have a mountainous view with the added challenge of lakes throughout the course.

Rock Climbing:-About an hour and a half outside of Pagosa Springs lies Penitente Canyon; a world famous rock climbing destination. It’s known to be a great place to learn but has areas suitable for all difficulties.

Fishing: Nearby lakes such as Lake Capote, Opal Lake, and Echo Lake are stocked every year to provide prime quantity and quality for all fishers alike. The San Juan River that runs through the area is also a perfect breeding ground for rainbow and brown trout. We help pay for the river to be stocked three times a year. So whether you prefer lakes, rivers, streams, or even a small beaver pond you can find it near Pagosa Springs.

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Snowboarding/Skiing: Just 23 miles from Pagosa Springs lies Wolf Creek, one of Colorado’s prestigious ski  resorts. From early November until early April you can take advantage of great slopes and fresh powder. Wolf Creek has an annual average of 465 inches of snow.

Snowshoeing/Cross-country skiing: Get out and explore some of the most remote wilderness areas around the Continental Divide that cannot be reached during the winter on foot or by car. The Weminuche Wilderness creates a peaceful atmosphere that makes for a great adventure.

Snowmobiling: Are you looking to explore back-country that’s covered in feet of snow? Snowmobiles become a popular form of transportation during the winter months around Pagosa Springs. There are several snowmobile tour companies that can provide you not only with the necessary machines and equipment, but knowledge that will keep you safe during your back-country exploration.

Ice Fishing: When the ice is thick and the air is cool, Hatcher Lake makes for ideal ice fishing. So don’t forget your auger and pole because there are some fun ice fishing tournaments around the Pagosa Lakes area during the winter.